Derealization Disorder

Contents1 What is Derealization Disorder?2 What are the Causes of Derealization Disorder?3 What are the Symptoms of Derealization Disorder?4 How to Treat Derealization Disorder? What is Derealization Disorder? Derealization disorder had been combined with depersonalization disorder which happens when the person feels disconnected from the body or that something is off from reality and the surrounding seems surreal. It may also be like you yourself, who is observing your body

sebaceous hyperplasia on frontum picture

Contents1 What is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?2 What Causes Sebaceous Hyperplasia?3 How is Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treated?4 The Removal of Sebaceous Hyperplasia5 Prevention6 Pictures What is Sebaceous Hyperplasia? Sebaceous hyperplasia is a non-malignant disorder on the sebaceous glands of the skin that usually occurs to elderly and middle-aged individuals. It is a type of non-cancerous hair follicle tumour and occasionally, the bumps are confused with basal cell carcinoma. The sebaceous glands are enlarged

epidermolysis bullosa

Contents1 What is Epidermolysis Bullosa?2 Types of Epidermolysis Bullosa2.1 Epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS)2.2 Weber-Cockayne2.3 Koebner2.4 Dowling Meara2.5 EB associated with muscular dystrophy2.6 Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita (EBA)2.7 Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa or (DEB)2.7.1 Recessive DEB2.7.2 Dominant DEB3 How is Epidermolysis Bullosa Treated?3.1 Medications3.2 Surgery4 Life Expectancy and Prognosis5 Pictures What is Epidermolysis Bullosa? Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) refers to some group of diseases which is very uncommon. This illness causes the skin to


Contents1 What is Agoraphobia?2 What are the Signs and Symptoms of Agoraphobia?3 Diagnosis for Agoraphobia4 Treatments for Agoraphobia5 Complications What is Agoraphobia? Fear is often the greatest trouble of a person. The mere thinking of fears can somehow build up a certain anxiety already so how much more if the situation is right in front? This is then called Agoraphobia, wherein the person fears to experience panic attacks in crowded

uterine decidual cast

Contents1 What is Decidual Cast?2 What are the causes of Decidual Cast?2.1 Use of Contraceptives2.2 Endometriosis problem2.3 Pregnancy state of  a woman2.4 Ectopic or tubal pregnancies3 Signs and Symptoms of Decidual Cast3.1 Common signs3.2 Rare signs4 Diagnostic Examinations5 Management and Treatment5.1 Medications5.1.1 Procedures What is Decidual Cast? Decidual cast refers to a condition that involves the endometrial lining of a woman during a pregnancy, which is mainly responsible in forming


Contents1 What is Trench Foot?2 What are the Symptoms of Trench Foot?3 What Causes Trench Foot?4 How is Trench Foot Treated?5 How to Prevent Trench Foot? What is Trench Foot? Trench foot which is also known as Non Freezing Cold Injury (NFCI) or Immersion Foot. It comes about when the feet are soaked in water that is unclean, cold, and dampened for a long period of time. It can be


Contents1 What is Gastroparesis?2 What are the Signs and Symptoms of Gastroparesis?3 What are the Causes of Gastroparesis?4 How is Gastroparesis Diagnosed?5 How to Treat Gastroparesis?6 Diet for Gastroparesis7 Prognosis What is Gastroparesis? Gastroparesis or delayed gastric emptying, is a type of condition wherein the motion of the muscles in the stomach weakens and fails to function normally. Gastroparesis happens because of the sluggish emptying of food into the small

myasthenic gravis

Contents1 What is Myasthenic Crisis?2 Signs and Symptoms of Myasthenic Crisis3 Treatment4 Myasthenic Vs cholinergic Crisis What is Myasthenic Crisis? Myasthenic crisis is considered a complicated condition of myasthenia gravis, in which an affected individual will suffer a hazardous situation involving weakness as a result of myasthenia gravis. This health problem requires urgent intubation procedure or to postpone an extubation procedure after a surgery is done to the patient. The developing